How to connect an HTTPS Client Master to CJOC?


  • I want to configure Client Master with HTTPS and connect it to a CJOC



CJOC is not a HTTPS/SSL/TLS endpoint

CJOC does not initiate the connection to the master, so it doesn’t care if the master is on HTTPS or HTTP.

CJOC is a HTTPS/SSL/TLS endpoint

The Client Master initiates the connection to CJOC. In order for the Client Master to discover the agent port that CJOC is listening on you need to give the master the TLS cert of CJOC.

You can manually add the certificates to the master’s trust store following the documentation.

CloudBees Core on modern cloud platforms or CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise 2.x

Deploy Self Signed Certificates in Masters and Agents
Deploy Self Signed Certificates in Masters and Agents (Custom Location)

CloudBees Core on traditional platforms or CloudBees Jenkins Platform:
* Client Master - Running on a TLS Endpoint
* How to install a new SSL certificate

CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise 1.x

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