Upgrading to Pipeline Plugin v2.0


Upgrading to Pipeline Plugin v2.0


Cloudbees Jenkins Enterprise



Upgrading to Pipeline Plugin v2.0 requires a minimum Jenkins core version of 1.642.3.
Pipeline v2.0 also has a dependency on the following plugins:

Pipeline Job v2.0 Plugin

Pipeline Supporting APIs v1.15 Plugin

Durable-task v1.5 Plugin

Pipeline API v2.0 Plugin

Script-security v1.16 Plugin

Pipeline Step API v1.15 Plugin

Structs v1.1 Plugin

Here is a link to a post by Jesse Glick about Pipeline 2.x plugins.

If you upgrade to Pipeline Plugin v2.0 and experience an issue, please generate a new
Support Bundle, decompress it, and check the failed.txt file inside the plugins
directory. The failed.txt file will show missing plugin dependencies.

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