Unsupported Version with Artifactory Docker Repositories


  • I am unable to pull a docker image from an Artifactory Docker Repository
  • Unsupported docker v1 repository request for '<repo>'

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The error message Unsupported docker v1 repository request for '<repo>' is produced by Artifactory’s Docker support when using the Docker Registry API v1 which is no longer supported. It is most likely because you are running an older version of Docker that tries to pull from v1 registries (or fallback using this version) even though it not supported.

  • Check the version of your docker client using docker version and docker info
  • Sometimes, an hidden mirror registry may be configured. If this mirror is using v1 API, it can be the cause. You can view this by checking the value of the flag –registry-mirror using docker run --rm --pid=host alpine ps aux | grep dockerd
  • Ensure your configuration comply with the compatibility matrix of Artifactory Docker repositories

The V1 registry have actually been deprecated since Docker 1.9 (see Deprecated Engine Features). Pull, push and login operations against V1 registries are now prevented by default. This can be controlled via the flag --disable-legacy-registry which is false by default.

  • Hence we recommend to update Docker to version 1.9 at least.

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    Diego Ugalde

    Hi, I'm having this problem but I don't know how to fix it. When I run docker info, it throws:

    Registry: https://index.docker.io/v1/

     Version:      1.12.3


    How do I change the API to v2?

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    Andrew Rowe

    You an also get this error when the specific version of your image is not loaded into the repository.

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