Jenkins Enterprise License Activation

There are three cases when you need to register your CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise instance with license??keys.??

  • Case 1:??**Get an evaluation??license**
  • Case 2: Install an enterprise license on a fresh install:??**You have a fresh installation of CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise (no evaluation license) and you want to enter your enterprise license.**
  • Case 3:??**Upgrading from evaluation to CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise??license**

For all others needs don’t hesitate to open a support ticket.

Case 1: Get an evaluation??license

a. Jenkins has access to??internet

Start Jenkins,??post download of CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise. You will see a easy to use wizard - enter the relevant information and a license will be generated for??you.??


b. Jenkins does not have access to the??internet

If your Jenkins instance does not have access to the internet, then the wizard [a] cannot generate license for you automatically. You will need to manually download to get a license from the CloudBees portal (luckily this is self-service). You will need to get a CloudBees account and then use the Jenkins instance id to generate a license for yourself. Here are the??steps:

  1. Start CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise and click ???I already have a license key field???. Copy the Jenkins Instance ID field in your??clipboard.

Jenkins Instance Id

  1. Go to the??CloudBees signup page. Enter your name, email and company name (these are required if you buy subscription and have to file a support ticket). Enter a forge username, domain/account (these are required if you use our Cloud service - ??we are moving away from these fields so bear with us??:-))


  1. Login to CloudBees. Once you login click the account icon on the right hand??side.??


Click the ???Jenkins Licenses?????link.


Click the ???Evaluation?????link


Paste your Jenkins Instance id and hit?????Generate???


The license generator will generate a private key and a public key for??you.



You will need to paste these (including the ??????) on the CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise wizard??page.????

ScreenShot2012-08-29at10.38.47AM.pngHit ???Next??? and you are ready to go. You can use the CloudBees accounts portal to manage your multiple Jenkins instance if you??prefer.

Case 2: Install an enterprise license on an installation sans an evaluation??license

If you have purchased a CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise license, support will provide you with a License Key and Certificate upon request. First start your CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise instance. You will be presented with the wizard. Select the ???I already have a license key??? option. You will see an instance ID; file a support ticket and mention this instance ID. When you receive the license, copy-paste your private key and certificate into this screen.The point is to paste the lines including ???BEGIN ?????? and ???END????????.


Finally, click ???Next??? and you are good to go. Enjoy your CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise??software!

Case 3: Upgrade from evaluation to enterprise??license

You have tried CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise evaluation and bought a license from??CloudBees.??

  1. Open Jenkins in your??browser
  2. Click ???Manage Jenkins?????link
  3. Click ???Manage License?????link




The actual license and certificate will be much longer. It starts with a line including ???BEGIN ?????? and ends with a line that includes ???END????????.

Finally, click ???Save??? and your license should be??updated.

Getting an enterprise??license

If you???ve been using an evaluation license of CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise and would like to switch to a production license, we need to know your Jenkins instance ID to generate a license for??you.

  1. Open Jenkins in your??browser
  2. Click ???Manage Jenkins?????link
  3. Click ???Manage License?????link

Please??open a support ticket??and enter your Jenkins instance ID, along with your name and company name. We will get back to you with a license??key.

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    Rajeev Saraswat

    No scenario for renew of existing subscription

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    Arnaud Heritier

    Hi Rajeev,

    in that case just open a support case:

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    Kiran Ram

    I don't see an option in my account where I can request for trial licenses

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