Linux slave offline or unable to connect


  • Jenkins slave offline
  • Jenkins slave unable to connect


  • CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise (CloudBees Jenkins Platform)


A slave offline or connection issue may be caused by various network-layer issues, including a proxy setting defined on the slave (but not the Jenkins master), or vice versa. Please ensure the server running the Jenkins master is able to connect to the slave/agent server by establishing an SSH session, or another configured means of connecting to it (outside of Jenkins). Once connected, please confirm you are able to run the uname, java -version, and which java commands successfully…to validate a correct configuration. The Java version on the agent should match the version installed on the Jenkins master - please see CloudBees Jenkins Platform Supported Java Versions.
If the slave/agent goes offline, it could also be due to an expired password.

If the above troubleshooting does not yield positive results, it may be necessary to delete and then re-create agent by doing the following:

1) Remove the existing slave connection from your CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise master (Manage Jenkins -> Manage Nodes)

2) Delete the file $JENKINS_HOME/nodes/{slavename}/config.xml (if it’s still present - normally step #1 should take care of this)

3) Create a new entry for the slave connection.

Note: If step #2 was taken, it might be necessary to restart both the agent (slave process) and the CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise master…and then repeat step #3.

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