CJE Expiration Banner


  • Why does my master connected to my operations center expire today?
  • Why does a master connected to my operations center show an expiration banner for today?
  • Why am I getting an expiration warning on my master when the operations center is valid?
  • Master license provisioned by JOC erroneously expires and shows “Your license expires in 0 days.”



A Client Master connected to an Operations Center will always show an expiration of the current date. This is expected behaviour.

The CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center checks the Client Master every hour to see if the license expires in the next 2 hours. If it does the Operations Center renews the Client Masters license for another 25 hours.

Recommended change if using operations-center plugins < 1.8.3 is to update the operations-center-plugins.

The Operations Center Server Plugin v1.8.3 changes the window of time during which this expiration banner may occur - http://release-notes.cloudbees.com/release/Operations+Center+Server+Plugin/1.8.3

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