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How to install Windows agents as a service?



  • Harsh Sarode

    awesome !! can you please help me about how to launch slave agent automatically via Launch method "Let Jenkins control this Windows slave as a Windows service" with using admin user i tried varied attempts for this but doesn't Jenkins server is Linux machine and slave node is Windows Server 2012 r2. i will be glad if i get solution.Thanks in advance.

  • Denys Digtiar

    Hi Harsh,

    This article is not related to the Launch method you are trying to use.

    Have you gone through the troubleshooting guide?

    If it didn't help you can request help on Users Mailing list or IRC. If you are a CloudBees customer feel free to raise a support ticket.

  • Radjammin Radjammin

    Step 2 , 3rd bullet. Creating a service is an administrator right.


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