Using Agent Retention Strategies with JNLP Agents


JNLP Agents and Agent Retention Strategies


CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise


A JNLP agent connection is initiated by the agent, so a Jenkins controller does not manage
them in general.

Thus the retention strategy that must be selected when configuring the agent is:

Keep this agent online as much as possible

Choosing any other strategy does not make sense since if the selected retention strategy were:

Take this agent online when in demand, and offline when idle

the agent will then re-establish the connection. And if the retention strategy:

Take this agent online according to a schedule

is selected, the JNLP agent connection will be terminated by the Jenkins master
according to the schedule, but the agent will then re-establish the connection.

In both invalid cases, and specially if the JNLP command is installed as a service, the logs will grow excessively.

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