How to have the embedabble-build-status from my secured instance?


When I configure the role anonynous to have the permission Job/ViewStatus on my instance, I still get a 404 error page when I try to access the unprotected build status provided by the Embeddable Build Status plugin. How do I need to configure my instance to have this status icon?



Due to the DEV@cloud context, giving the anonymous role the permission Job/ViewStatus is not enough. Users still have to authenticate through our log in page. However, it is possible to change that by activating an option in the global configuration of your instance. The option is Enable read-only access for anonymous users:

This is not authorizing anonymous users to see your jobs, configurations or anything. But it is mandatory to be able to get access to the /buildStatus?job=** URL for the unprotected Embeddable Build Status image.

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