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How to Start, Stop or Restart your Instance?



  • I observe a strange behavior.

    I have jenkins running there for a couple of months, never did restart (by systemctl or from Web GUI)

    and I can see the process was start in May.

    Then I did a /restart from Web GUI, the process is still the same one.  ( re-tried twice , same thing) even Web GUI showed "jenkins is restarting...." 

    Then I did a "systemctl restart jenkins", and from Web GUI, it does the restart. and after one minute, I can access from Web GUI again, and on jenkins master, I can see the process is updated to a new one.


    So my question is, what exactly /restart does? Definitely it is not the same as a "systemctl restart"

  • Denys Digtiar

    On *nix systems, the current implementation uses the function from exec suite to restart the process. This has a side-effect of all the process attributes being preserved even though JVM is completely reloaded.

    You can refer to code here - jenkins/ at 08a993d7bcd3590ccbfa9504cd45fbba540fd354 · jenkinsci/jenkins

  • Shahadat Hossain

    I was able to restart my Jenkins successfully with those commands. Thanks. 


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