What happened to free plugins from CloudBees


I installed CloudBees Free Enterprise Plugins and it’s asking me to enter a license



Remove CloudBees Free Enterprise plugin (including cloudbees-registration and/or nectar-licensing) and install Folders from the community update center on it’s own. Alternatively you can purchase a subscription to access them as is and the additional enterprise plugins.

The CloudBees Free Enterprise Plugins was released when we were providing FREE instances in our DEV@cloud offer. However, since the end of the last year we moved from a FREEMIUM to a TRIAL strategy. It means that right now the plugin are absolutely free but cannot be used unless you have a TRIAL/PAID CloudBees account.

Taking a look at the free plugins:

  • Folders: easily organize your jobs
  • Backup to Cloud: backup your Jenkins into CloudBees cloud
  • Wasted Minutes: find out if you are short of slaves and need to add capacity to speed up builds
  • CloudBees Status: find out how much of the free CloudBees Jenkins capacity in the cloud is available for your use

What this means practically is everything other than Folders is not relevant for most installations. The Folder plugin is now free and you can download it from the Update Center of the community or wiki.

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