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Jenkins fails to start with JNA error



  • Rodion Baronov

    Omg thank you a lot whoever you are. I'm having a sleepless night fighting with Jenkins on CentOS and this tutorial finally solved an issue. God bless you and I wish you go to heaven :)

  • Benjamin Paz

    The jenkins user failed as above but 'noexec' was not used for the mounting of the 'tmp' folder but appears to the binding of 'tmp' to a folder w/o write permission.

    I used option 1 above to create a tmp folder belonging to the jenkins user. The jenkins service started as expected. 


  • Martin Etcheverri

    thank you , the option 1 work flawlessly! Good Karma for you! +1

  • Mecc Dispatch5

    Yes - may God bless you!  These instructions are amazing!  Thank You, Thank You.


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