JDK Installer Not Showing Dropdown List


  • JDK Installer for java.sun.com displays a text field instead of a dropdown list
  • Cannot use JDK Installer


  • CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise

Root cause

This is a problems of the basic function of the update center. The update center does not fetch the latest data file for the JDK Installer.


This can be fixed inside a running instance of CJE.

Delete the failing JDK installers

  1. Got to Manage Jenkins/Configure System
  2. Remove the JDK installer

Force Jenkins to update the JDK Installer data file:

  1. Go to Manage Jenkins/Script Console
  2. Copy/Paste and Run this groovy script that will update the data file for tools and installers:
     hudson.model.DownloadService.signatureCheck = false
     hudson.model.DownloadService.signatureCheck = true
  3. The script might take few seconds to finish. A label Result appears below the Text Area indicating that the script has run.

    This line should appears in the log as well:

    INFO: Obtained the updated data file for hudson.tools.JDKInstaller
  4. Go to Manage Jenkins/Configure System

  5. Add a JDK Installation and select the java.sun.com JDK Installer. There should be a dropdown list.
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