How can I copy jobs and folders from one instance to another?


I’m trying to move folders from one instance to another (i.e. my “Prod” environment to my “Test” environment. I can’t find a way to do that.


  • CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise


Folders can be moved within one instance using the ‘Folders’ and ‘Folders Plus’ plugins, however there isn’t a plugin or
built-in method to move folders and/or jobs between two Jenkins instances. A Jenkins “folder” shows up as a folder in the
filesystem (underneath the jenkins_home\jobs - for folders at the root level). Each folder has it’s own “jobs” subdirectory,
and nested folders will appear underneath that in the filesystem.
That being said, you can copy Jenkins folder structures (and their corresponding jobs) by simply doing a recursive copy/paste
from the origin instance to the destination instance. Following the recursive copy, it may be necessary to restart the
destination Jenkins instance in order for the folders and jobs to appear.

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