How to use the Enterprise Backup plugin on DEV@Cloud?


Don’t know how to use the Enterprise Backup plugin on DEV@cloud



This plugin should be automatically exposed on the DEV@cloud Update Center for all the customers independently of their tier. However, the build of a backup job will not work if it the job is not saved by a CloudBees Support Engineer - you need to open a support ticket to request this.

Before requesting to save the Backup job ensure that:

  1. The build is restricted to hi-speed nodes.
  2. You are only doing a backup for job configurations and build records
  3. You are doing the backup on a remote SFTP or WebDAV server - we don´t allow to use a local directory.
  4. The format backup is tar.gz - tar.gz is streaming so if you use .zip you might run out of heap memory on the slave.

Notice that you are not allowed to backup System Configurations, neither to backup on a local directory.

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