Allowing Access to EC2 Resources from CloudBees Slaves


This page previously contained information about how to link EC2 security groups between CloudBees
and your EC2 Classic resources running in the US-EAST-1 region.

As of December 2016, DEV@cloud resources no longer use EC2 classic security groups, so this method of connectivity will
no longer work.



To allow CloudBees Jenkins Masters and build machines to access your infrastructure, you must allow access to the IP addresses listed below.

In addition, you may also use the DEV@cloud Jenkins OpenVPN service to securely connect your private infrastructure to DEV@cloud resources.

IP Addresses


Note: this information is subject to change. We will provide notice of such changes via this page.


An alternative is to configure a VPN between your DEV@cloud Jenkins and internal resources. For more information on this solution please see our Jenkins VPN page

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    Rocío Solís

    Are those IP Addresses only for US-EAST-1 region?

    Can you tell me the IP Addresses for US-WEST-2? I need to add them to my security group.

    Or is there any webpage with all whe IPs of all regions?

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