Disable Analytics on Client controllers


  • You want to disable all Analytics related reporting on your CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center and all Client controllers


  • CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center
  • CloudBees Jenkins Analytics


In CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center

1 . In the CJOC, for each client controller, click on Configure:

Click on Configure Client controller

2 . Disable Analytics reporting for each of them:

Disable Analytics on Client controller

3 . Go to https://<CJOC_URL>/configureAnalytics/ and disable analytics:

Configure Analytics

4 . Then go to Manage Jenkins -> Script Console, and run the following script to disable all of the Analytics related plugins in your CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center:

def jenkins = Jenkins.getInstance();
def plugins = jenkins.getPluginManager().getPlugins().each{ plugin ->
    if (plugin.isEnabled()) {
        if (plugin.getShortName().startsWith("operations-center-analytics") ||
            plugin.getShortName() == "pse-config-info" ||
            plugin.getShortName() == "pse-analytics-dashboards" ||
            plugin.getShortName() == "operations-center-elasticsearch-provider" ||
            plugin.getShortName() == "operations-center-embedded-elasticsearch"
           ) {
          println "Disabling " + plugin.getShortName()

5 . Restart your CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center, so the plugins will be disabled after the restart:

analytics plugins disabled

6 . You can feel free to uninstall the disabled plugins, or leave them in a disabled state.

In each of the Client controllers

7 . On each controller, go to Manage Jenkins -> Manage plugins, and disable (or uninstall) the Operations Center Analytics Reporter Plugin and Operations Center Analytics Configuration plugins:

analytics plugins disabled on controller

8 . Restart the controller, and if you would like, you can choose to uninstall the plugins, or you can leave them as disabled until you are ready to uninstall them.


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