The error message java.lang.Exception: Timed out waiting on license to install occurs when connecting a client master to a CJOC


java.lang.Exception: Timed out waiting on license to install occurs when attempting to push a license to a client master from a CJOC.


  • CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise
  • CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center


Verify that the hostname for the client master is correct by navigating to Manage Jenkins. Verify that there is not an error saying the HA proxy setup is broken at the top of the screen.

If not, continue to Configure System and look at the **Jenkins URL **under the section Jenkins Location. If running HA, make sure this URL is pointing the HA frontend. If running SSL, make sure it includes https, otherwise it should include http.

If all of this looks correct, and the JOC server can access the client master server(via curl -v from command line), please create a logger for on the JOC. Attach a new support bundle from the JOC to the ticket after attempting to push the license.

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    Balaji Muthuvarathan

    Experienced this very issue. In short, JOC was able to connect to JE, but JE couldn't connect back to JOC due to a load-balancer/DNS issue.

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    Victoria Lin

    What changes were made on the load balancer/DNS to make this work? I am having the same issue and my network team can't seem to figure out what is being blocked and how to unblock the connection going back.  Please help!

    Thank you.

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