Requests for enhancement (RFE) process

Request for Enhancement

A Request for Enhancement (RFE) is a suggestion for a new feature or a software enhancement. This article defines how you should expect the RFE process to work at CloudBees and what kinds of notifications you will receive when you submit a request.

We want to hear from you! Just email us your RFE at or raise a support request to begin the conversation.


Our RFE process follows a few clear guidelines:

  • We never “reject” an RFE (unless the feature already exists). Since we see these requests as signals from the market, we don’t want to discard those signals just because we don’t have immediate plans to implement them.
  • We do not provide a timeline or commitment on when a request will be delivered or when it will make the next step toward delivery.
  • We will automatically inform you of all progress we make toward addressing your request.
  • We may not implement the RFE exactly as requested, but will instead use the unfiltered request to better understand the customer perspective on a given problem space.
  • If you have any questions, just ask! Feel free to email the product manager using the email address provided in the automatic updates, or just comment on the ticket.


CloudBees follows a simple process which includes triage, scoping, planning and delivery. Customers receive automated updates as their request progresses through this process. The table below serves as a guide for the messages you will see as a request progresses:

EventWhat you will seeWhat to expect
Customer submits RFE through or the support portal.A response acknowledging your submission.A support engineer will review your request and submit the RFE to the product team. The product team may follow up with you directly on the support request and clarify your requirements.
TriageThis request for enhancement has been triagedThe product team understands the request and has classified it with similar requests.
ScopingThis request for enhancement is being scopedThe product team has begun to scope the work required to implement the request.
ScopedThis request for enhancement has finished being scopedThe product team have scoped the work required to implement the request.
PlannedThis request for enhancement is planned for deliveryDelivery is scheduled to begin on the request.
DeliveringThis request for enhancement is currently being deliveredDelivery has begun. Updates about availability will be provided shortly.
DeliveredThis request for enhancement has been delivered and will be made available shortlyThe feature has been delivered internally, and will be available in the next update cycle. The product team will provide a link to the relevant release notes or blog entry.

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