Requests for enhancement (RFE) process

Request for Enhancement

A Request for Enhancement (RFE) is a suggestion for a new feature or a software enhancement as described in the CloudBees Support Lifecycle and Update Policies.


CloudBees follows a simple process which includes review, triage, analysis and development. CloudBees Support keeps the requester informed as their RFE moves through these stages.


RFE Requested

CloudBees Support creates the RFE in our internal system and gives the requester the issue ID.

RFE Awaiting Response

CloudBees Product Management reviews and triages the request. Engineering, Support, Community Manager and original requester may be involved to gather more details and evidence.

Response: CloudBees Support informs the requester within a couple of weeks whether the RFE is Accepted, Answered or if more information is required to make a decision (**Waiting for Requester**).

Ticket Status: Open

RFE Waiting for Requester

CloudBees Product Management has reviewed the RFE but needs more information in order to make a decision.

Response: CloudBees Support asks the requester to provide the information requested by CloudBees Product Management.

Ticket Status: Pending

RFE Accepted

The RFE is included in the backlog but may not be actively worked on.

Response: CloudBees Support provides information about the targeted quarter when the RFE will be released.

Ticket Status: Open

RFE Answered

The RFE is rejected for the moment as it does not match the current Product Roadmap (12 month plan). It may or may not be revisited in the future and accepted in a new roadmap.

Response: If a future review is planned, CloudBees Support provides more information on the next review date.

Ticket Status: Solved

RFE Scheduled

The RFE development has been scheduled.

Response: CloudBees Support provides the targeted release version.

Ticket Status: Open

RFE Released

The RFE has been released.

Response: CloudBees Support provides the Release Version and assistance with upgrading and enabling the new feature if required.

Ticket Status: Solved

Information Required

To help speed this process, please provide your Support agent with the following information:

  • Who in your organization would benefit from this new feature?

  • What would this person use this feature for?

  • Why is this necessary to accomplish your use case?

  • Impact - what impact is the absence of this feature having on your organization?

  • Related Community JIRA issues - if you already know of a related issue in the Community JIRA, please link to it.

Response Times

The more complete the original request is, the less research the product team must do to evaluate it. You can expect a faster response if you provide all of the information outlined above.

In general, the product team aims give feedback to support within a few weeks of receiving the request, but some issues require deeper evaluation of their potential impact on other customers and the community. This is especially true of anything that would affect the open source parts of Jenkins, so please bear this in mind and be patient during our evaluation.

Note: Although all RFEs are given the utmost consideration, CloudBees is unable to fulfill every request, and therefore reserves the right to accept or decline any RFE.

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