I don't see the promote permission after installing the Promoted Builds Plug-in


  • You have just installed the Promoted Builds Plug-in. When you go to Manage Roles you don’t see the promote permission.


  • CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise
  • Promoted Builds Plug-in 2.21


You just need to create a job with a promotion, for example with manual approval, then build, access to the promotion and manually approve the promotion.

After this, the option will be available under

You need at least to have a promotion done to show up that in the roles section.

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    Darin Mcgrew

    The recent CloudBees Security Advisory 2018-02-26 relates to this.


    SECURITY-746 - Promoted Builds Plugin allowed unauthorized users to run some promotion processes

    Users with Job/Read access were able to approve and re-execute promotion processes with a manual promotion condition that did not specify a list of users allowed to manually approve the promotion.

    The plugin now requires users to have the Promotion/Promote permission to be able to approve or re-execute a promotion with manual condition that does not specify a list of users allowed to approve it.

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