Integration with hipchat


  • Jenkins notifications with Hipchat
  • Integrate Hipchat with Jenkins


  • Jenkins
  • Jenkins LTS
  • CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise
  • Hipchat


A quick guide to setting up integration with Hipchat and Jenkins:

  1. First install the Hipchat plugin: Manage Jenkins > Manage Plugins > Available > and search for the Hipchat plugin.
  2. Restart the Jenkins instance.
  3. After restarting go to Manage Jenkins > Configure System
  4. Open another tab and navigate to your hipchat api url:
  5. Generate a new API token with the following permissions: Send Notifications, View Rooms


Copy this API token. We will be using it (it will be referred to ask “API Token from step 5”).

  1. Navigate to and locate the room you would like to post messages to.
  2. Copy the API ID as this is the room id.
  3. Go back to Jenkins global configuration page, and paste the API Token from step 5, and the API ID from step 7:


  1. Create a new Freestyle project.
  2. As part of the post-build actions drop down selection one should say “Hipchat notification”:


The Auth Token, and Project Room can be overriden from the system token.

  1. Click save and execute a build.
  2. Navigate to the room and you should see notifications from hipchat about the build completing:


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    Mark Stosberg

    The embedded article images on this page are all broken. 

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    Mark Stosberg

    It would be helpful to clarify whether a HipChat API v1 token is being used or Hipchat API v2 token. v1 API tokens are deprecated. 

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