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Integration with HipChat



  • Mark Stosberg

    The embedded article images on this page are all broken. 

  • Mark Stosberg

    It would be helpful to clarify whether a HipChat API v1 token is being used or Hipchat API v2 token. v1 API tokens are deprecated. 

  • Allan Burdajewicz

    Hello Mark,

    I have created a ticket internally to fix the images.

    The HipChat plugin integrates with both version. You can specify which version you want to use in the Global configuration. If you use Pipeline, you can also specify the version in the Jenkinsfile / pipeline script:

      color: "RED",
      message: "${env.JOB_NAME} #${env.BUILD_NUMBER} failed! (<a href=\"${env.RUN_DISPLAY_URL}\">Open</a>)",
      notify: true,
      room: 'teama-room',
      credentialId: 'HipChat-API-Token-v2',
      v2enabled: true


    If it didn't help you can request help on Users Mailing list or IRC. If you are a CloudBees customer feel free to raise a support ticket.



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