Autorefresh reloads images causing performance issue


  • Autorefresh causes performance issue.
  • JENKINS-19828.
  • Static images get loaded when page autorefresh enabled.


  • Jenkins
  • CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise


There is currently no way to disable the autorefresh functionality in Jenkins, however there are other ways to fix caching issues:

  • Install Config AutoRefresh Plugin, and configure the auto refresh time to a large number.
  • If you are using a container like tomcat you can re-write the header to set the autorefresh cookie to false:
Header edit Set-Cookie "hudson\_auto\_refresh=true" "hudson\_auto\_refresh=false"
RewriteCond %\{QUERY\_STRING\} ^(.+?&|)auto\_refresh=true(?:&(.\*)|)$ \[NC\]
RewriteRule ^ JENKINS\_URL%\{REQUEST\_URI\}?%1%2 \[R=301,L\]
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