Convert Jenkins Enterprise by CloudBees into Jenkins Open Source


You want to Convert CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise into Jenkins


CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise


  • Case A: Using the CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise plugin on the top of a Jenkins installation


Before your license expire, you will only need to uninstall or disable all the cloudbees-and nectar- plugins which are part of the CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise plugins.

After this, when you start your instance again, your Jenkins instance will be automatically transformed into Jenkins. Notice, that now any of the CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise plugins can’t be used, so do the corresponded job/pipeline/.. modifications before disabling the Enterprise plugins. 

Finally, you will just need to re-configure the Jenkins Update Center you want to use under [http://<JENKINS_URL>/pluginManager/advanced][http_JENKINS_URL_pluginManager_advanced] [Update Site], which usually is:
  • Case B: Using a CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise release on a Tomcat/JBoss/… container



  • Case C: Using a CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise release in the native Jetty container



[http_JENKINS_URL_pluginManager_advanced]: http:///pluginManager/advanced

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