How do I create a logger in Jenkins for troubleshooting and diagnostic information


  • How do I create a logger?
  • How can I get more detailed diagnostic information?


  • CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise
  • CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center
  • DEV@cloud


To create logs on a specific action exposed by a plugin not typically monitored you can add a logger under Manage Jenkins -> System Logs->New Log Recorder

To add a new logger you will be asked to provide it a name and choose a function to monitor. You’ll also have the ability to change the verbosity. 

**Keying in on a specific function to monitor will require reading of the code and if you’re unsure you should open a case with CloudBees support. 

To find what loggers are available you can simply start typing a keyword. 

For instance, typing ‘git’ will provide you with a list of loggers that may be relevant. 



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