How do I create a logger in Jenkins for troubleshooting and diagnostic information?


  • How do I create a logger?
  • How can I get more detailed diagnostic information?


  • CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise
  • CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center
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To create logs on a specific action exposed by a plugin not typically monitored you can add a logger under Manage Jenkins -> System Logs->New Log Recorder

To add a new logger you will be asked to provide it a name and choose a function to monitor. You’ll also have the ability to change the verbosity.

**Keying in on a specific function to monitor will require reading of the code and if you’re unsure you should open a case with CloudBees support.

To find what loggers are available you can simply start typing a keyword.

For instance, typing ‘git’ will provide you with a list of loggers that may be relevant.


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    Sorin Sbarnea

    This doesn't tell anything about log files. As part of the debugging process we need to be able to save specialized logs like this to files. Where are these logs saved and that would be their filenames?

    It is essential to have lots that survive Jenkins restart.

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    Arnaud Heritier

    Hi Sorin,

      If you have the Support plugin installed, they'll be automatically stored under $JENKINS_HOME/logs/custom/

    Best regards

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    Chris Weiss

    Logs created by this function turn over quickly - Is there a way to increase the log size or (better yet) pipe the logs to an external logger?

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    Denys Digtiar

    Hi Chris,

    Jenkins wiki also provides a way to make logs available outside of the web UI. It should probably give you enough flexibility to achieve what you need.

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