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How do I create a logger in Jenkins for troubleshooting and diagnostic information?



  • Sorin Sbarnea

    This doesn't tell anything about log files. As part of the debugging process we need to be able to save specialized logs like this to files. Where are these logs saved and that would be their filenames?

    It is essential to have lots that survive Jenkins restart.

  • Arnaud Héritier

    Hi Sorin,

      If you have the Support plugin installed, they'll be automatically stored under $JENKINS_HOME/logs/custom/

    Best regards

  • Chris Weiss

    Logs created by this function turn over quickly - Is there a way to increase the log size or (better yet) pipe the logs to an external logger?

  • Denys Digtiar

    Hi Chris,

    Jenkins wiki also provides a way to make logs available outside of the web UI. It should probably give you enough flexibility to achieve what you need.

  • Steven Christenson

    Question - that's not entirely clear from this description, can the Log Manager be used to SUPPRESS logs? 

    The build history manager plugin spews hundreds of INFO level logs  for every build and this swamps our logs (See

    The author of the plugin feels that excessive output is a "valuable feature". So the question is, if we create a rule to explicitly RAISE the log level will that prevent the spew? Or will that simply ADD more logs?

    We will try the suppression technique, but I thought it might be useful for readers to understand if the INVERSE of logging works, too.

  • Denys Digtiar

    The primary purpose of this feature temporarily increasing the log level for specific loggers of interest.

    How to change the default or package log levels describes how to set default log levels of loggers. This works well in cases where default logging output is excessive.


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