Add Command Line Jenkins Parameter arguments to Tomcat


  • You want to add Command Line Jenkins Parameter arguments to Tomcat as specified in



  • CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise
  • Tomcat container



The major part of these parameters are useless if you deploy the war within Tomcat. They are useful only if you are using the embedded (jetty) web server.

  • httpPort, httpListenAddress, httpsPort, httpsListenAddress, ajp13Port, ajp13ListenAddress are all set in your server.xml at tomcat level.
  • prefix will be the war name (/jenkins by default) but you can change it like any other webapp in tomcat with a context.xml file (or in server.xml)
  • argumentsRealm.* are usable only with the embedded web server ( and for tomcat you have to consider to use the Standard Security Setup (
  • Xdebug .. in Tomcat you have to use the JPDA_xx settings if you want to do a remote debugging ( )
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