FAQ on payment options - credit card, PayPal and yearly agreement

For customers using our Jenkins-based SaaS offering, aka DEV@cloud, there are two options to pay CloudBees monthly bills: credit card and PayPal. For companies or individuals which do not want to pay via credit card or PayPal, a third option exists, named Yearly Agreement (YA). It is only available for Enterprise plan subscriptions, under certain conditions. It implies an annual upfront payment via a bank wire transfer for the 12 upcoming months. For more details, please open a support ticket and we’ll get back to you.

When do you need to enter credit card or PayPal information?

As soon as you subscribe to one of our paying plans, described here. Once you have a valid payment method on file, we will not ask for payment information anymore.

How can you change or update your payment method(s)?

You can manage your payment method(s) online, on your Account Settings page, where you will find a section dedicated to Payment Methods. Please see this article that explains how to access your Account Setting page.

Can I have more than one payment method on file?

Yes, you can have as many payment methods as you’d like. If you have more than one, make sure to indicate which one should the correct by-default payment method.

When and how do you charge my credit card or PayPal account?

Each account is charged once a month, according to the account’s Billing Cycle Day (BCD). For instance, if an account is created on may 19th, its BCD will be 19th of the month. Therefore, every 19th of the month, CloudBees billing system will create a monthly invoice for this account, with all due charges, fixed or usage-based. A few hours later, on this same day, a daily payment process will pick-up the invoice and charge the by-default payment method defined for this account.

How are you notified of monthly payments?

As soon as a payment attempt is made, whether successful or not, an email is sent to the account’s Bill-To contact, with the corresponding pdf invoice(s) in attachment. You can manage Bill-To contact information on your Account Settings page. Please see this article that explains how to access your Account Setting page. Note: you can ask us to add more recipients of these monthly notifications. To do so, please create a support ticket.

How can I access my payment history?

You can view all your invoices on your Account Settings page. You can also download them in pdf format. Please see this article that explains how to access your Account Setting page.

How does PayPal payment work?

We use the PayPal Billing Agreement ID method (BAID). In summary, when choosing the PayPal option, you are redirected to your PayPal account. Once logged in PayPal, you are requested to authorize CloudBees to charge your PayPal account on a monthly basis. As soon as it is approved, PayPal transfers to CloudBees system a unique ID for this authorization and you are redirected back to the CloudBees console. This unique BAID is stored in Zuora (see “Is CloudBees PCI compliant?” below) and works exactly like a credit card number.

Please note however that your PayPal account does not need to be linked to a credit card for BAID to work. It only needs to be linked to a regular bank checking account. This is particularly interesting for countries where online credit card usage is limited because of security issues.

Is CloudBees PCI compliant?

CloudBees does not store any payment information on its own systems. Instead, our web console is fully integrated with Zuora, a large SaaS-based subscription management platform, including billing and payment solutions. Zuora is fully PCI-compliant and therefore can safely store credit card or PayPal information.

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    Jorge Pinon

    I cannot find my payment history. The account page allows me to change my payment method but I see no history. Is there a link somewhere that I'm not seeing?

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    Tom Bryans

    Dear Jorge,

    As an admin user, you can view invoices from within the "settings" page of your account.  Below the "payment methods" section there is an "invoices" icon.  The "invoices" icon is a drop down menu from which you can access invoicing history, and also download invoices in PDF format.

    Please let us know if we can be of any additional assistance.


    Tom Bryans

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    Jorge Pinon

    If I cancel my account after my credit card got charged for the year, will my card get reimbursed minus the prorated amount?

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