How do I manage the disk usage of Jenkins in DEV@cloud?


  • I want to use Disk Usage plugin and can’t find it
  • How does CloudBees Simple Disk Usage work?



Jenkins on DEV@cloud comes with CloudBees Simple Disk Usage plugin pre-installed.

This is a simple disk usage plugin that calculates the disk usage of each job and top directory of JENKINS_HOME.

The CloudBees Simple Disk Usage plugin is designed to limit the performance impact on Jenkins from the ground up.

To avoid consuming too many I/O, directory traversal process is throttled and cannot consume more than half of available disk I/O.
This is required on our shared infrastructure.
This increase the time to compute the disk usage a bit.
Disk usage is only calculated on demand and automatically refreshed if older than 15 minutes.

Deprecation of Disk Usage plugin

CloudBees Simple Disk Usage plugin replaces Disk Usage plugin on DEV@cloud.
As such, Disk Usage plugin is not available on DEV@cloud as it is not compatible with our system requirements.

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