Do not want to use our to authenticate in Google App Engine


  • You do not want to use; or
  • You can not use Google OAuth to authenticate with (perhaps due to a lack of a Google account associated with CloudBees)


  • DEV@cloud
  • CloudBees Deployer plugin - Google App Engine deployer


To avoid using the CloudBees credential management tool you will need to perform the following actions

Configuring Jenkins

  1. Go to the Jenkins system configuration screen - /configure
  2. Enable the Google OAuth Authentication Provider option

  1. Copy the redirect URI https://[CUSTOMER]

Configuring Google login

See Google OAuth configuration for background information on configuring a Google apps account for OAuth.

  1. Go to the Google OAuth application management screen and create a new application.

  1. Add the redirect URI copied previously in Step 2.

  1. Copy the Application’s Client ID and Client Secret and paste them into the provider fields in Jenkins.

  1. There will now be a button that will trigger the redirect flow to authorise the application (i.e. this Jenkins) to deploy to AppEngine.
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