Why is connecting to our LDAP server taking so long?


We experience ‘too long time to connect’ to Jenkins via our corporate LDAP. Is there a way to use a group filter to speed this up?


  • Jenkins
  • LDAP Plugin


The default filter applied when membership filter field is empty is (| (member={0}) (uniqueMember={0}) (memberUid={1})). Such a filter is a default that catches most LDAP schemas. However, it is at least three times slower that whatever is the correct filter for your LDAP schema. The correct filter for your schema should be one of (member={0}) or (uniqueMember={0}) or (memberUid={1}). Changing to the correct filter will have a threefold increase in performance.

Your environment may require another filter and should be tested.

The Group Search Filter and Group Membership Filter are outlined in detail in the wiki page of the plugin

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