Windows slave cannot be launched via Java Web Start


  • Windows slave can’t be launched via Java Web Start
  • You get logs in the slave like the ones below:
Error when connecting windows JNLP:

JNLP agent connected from /X.X.X.X

<===[JENKINS REMOTING CAPACITY]===>Slave.jar version: 2.47

This is a Windows slave

Slave successfully connected and online

ERROR: Connection terminated ( Connection aborted: org.jenkinsci.remoting.nio.NioChannelHub$MonoNioTransport@4055660c[name=testslave]

at org.jenkinsci.remoting.nio.NioChannelHub$NioTransport.abort( ($NioTransport.abort&entity=method)

at (


  • CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise launched on Java 8
  • Windows slave launched on Java 6


  • Update your Windows slave to use also Java 8
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