DEV@cloud Backup Policies

DEV@cloud is a hosted solution that is comprised of several different services. CloudBees is not generally in the position to recover nor offers recovery of jobs, builds, configurations. That said, we do maintain system level backups in the event of catastrophic failures.

The following outlines the services that we backup currently. These could change at any point in time without notice. 


We take regular (multiple times per day) snapshots of our storage however these are purely for disaster recovery purposes. These backups are then retained for a significant amount of time (with decreasing granularity - e.g. daily backups for a week, then weekly backups for a month).

We don't currently offer any standard way for the account owner to extract the data from the system (although you could use SVNSync / wget to pull down the repository).


Jenkins configuration and build artifacts (the JENKINS_HOME) are backed up to S3 at least every hour. These backups are intended for disaster recovery, so that if a Jenkins host is lost, no more than one hour of data will be lost.

We also keep rotating backups for Jenkins, with historical versions as old as two weeks. These are intended for our use in the event that a bug in our system results in the corruption of your data. They are not generally available for your own use.

Plugins like the Audit Trail Plugin and the JobConfigHistory Plugin are available to monitor modifications that are made by users.


Sonar databases are stored on our MySQL service. This service provides backups to S3 every 24 hours, along with the redundancy naturally provided by EBS volumes.

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