How can I create a notification via email as a post-build step with the Delivery Pipeline Plugin?


  • I wanted to be notified through a post-build option via email whenever a build fails at the job level in a Delivery Pipeline.
  • I do not see a post-build step option that goes with the Delivery Pipeline Plugin. Any suggestions?



You need to modify the template in order to be able to have that option. Keep in mind, that if you modify this template, then all the jobs using this template will be also modified, so maybe you might want to create a new Template.

In the job config.xml you can use the following snippet

<publishers> <hudson.tasks.Mailer plugin='mailer@1.11'> <recipients></recipients> <dontNotifyEveryUnstableBuild>false</dontNotifyEveryUnstableBuild> <sendToIndividuals>false</sendToIndividuals> </hudson.tasks.Mailer> </publishers>
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