What is a CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise Instance ID and How do I find it?


  • What is my instance id?
  • How do I find my instance id?
  • How do I register my CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise?



Instance IDs are required to generate evaluation and paid licenses for CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise and CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center.

Here are the instructions for fetching an instance ID from a Jenkins master in the following scenarios:

Scenario 1 - a fresh installation (CJE or CJOC)

  1. Go to your master’s UI:
  2. For CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise, the default location is localhost:8080
  3. For CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center, the default is localhost:8888

Since this is a fresh installation, you’ll see the following registration screen:

  1. Click on the “Use a license key” option (as shown above). The top-most field will contain your master’s instance ID. Copy this value, and paste it into your onboarding case.

Please also include information as to what kind of master this instance ID will be (CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise or CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center), and how many executors that master should be licensed for.

Scenario 2 - You’re renewing your license

If you’re an existing customer you’re likely here to simply provide us with an instance id for your renewal!

Simply go to http://$JENKINS_URL/license to find your instance id.

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