How do I reconnect a master to JOC after changing JOC to HTTPS?


We have enabled HTTPS on port 8443 on our CJOC. (For now, it also serves HTTP on port 8888) We had originally set it up using only HTTP on port 8888, and connected the client masters to it before enabling HTTPS.

  • When I go to a client master and click the “log in” link, it takes me to the JOC on the insecure port 8888. How do I reconfigure the client masters to talk to the JOC on port 8443?

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  • CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center
  • CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise


The recommended approach is to detach and attach the client master to CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center. To do this;

STEP 1: In Operations Center

  1. Go to the Client Master configured dashboard and go to the manage section

  2. Then disconnect and right after delete the client master

STEP 2: In the Client Master

  1. Manage Jenkins->Configure System->Operations Center Connector->Enable (uncheck and save)

STEP 3: In Operations Center

Need to attach again the CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise client.

  1. New Item->Client Master->…(save)->Connection details->Client master URL (Push configuration)

Please, use the push configuration option instead of using the copy/paste Connection details approach.


Additional information on setting up CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center for the first time and configuring it afterwards can be found here:

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