Why is Jenkins Operations Center crashing?


JOC is coming down frequently


CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center


Review the memory options for your operations center installation. Insufficient settings can impact CloudBees Jenkins Operations Center stability.

  • We recommend (to begin with) setting Xmx and MaxPermSize to the following -Xmx2048m -XX:MaxPermSize=384m
  • Additionally, it is recommend to set up alerts using our alerting functionality to send you an email when permgen usage grows above 65% and 80% usage levels (see our documentation on alerts and the metric you want alerts on is vm.memory.non-heap.usage with thresholds of 0.65 (after 15 min) and 0.8 (after 5 min) respectively. The 0.65 alert should let you know that an issue may be approaching and can be used as a canary. The 0.8 alert is indication that you need to set OC into ‘prepare for shutdown’ mode (if you have any cluster operations in progress) and do a safe restart. If you have repeated need to restart due to permgen that would indicate that your system scale is such that permgen would need to be increased to 512m. A permgen requirement above 512m is indicative of some other usage, so if you end up needing to go past 512m for OC then you should definitely open a support ticket so that we can investigate what might be causing such a large permgen usage.
  • We also recommend setting up alerts using our alerting functionality to watch for overall heap usage. That would be vm.memory.heap.usage over 0.85 for more than 5 minutes (as if GC cannot clear it below 0.85 within 5 minutes then there is certainly a shortage of heap memory allocated to operations center. Unless you have 100’s of agents/client masters I would consider it normal to have heap memory allocation up as far as 4096m. I would not increase it by more than 512-1024m at a time. If you have several 100’s of shared agents (or agents connected by a shared cloud) and 100’s of client masters then larger heaps could be required.

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