What is a support-bundle and how to create one


  • What is a support-bundle?
  • How to generate a support-bundle?



The support bundle screen provides a list of all the types of information that can be included in the support bundle. Normally it is best to include all the selected information, however there may be some information which you do not want to share for reasons of confidentiality. In such cases you can de-select the information you do not want to include in the bundle. You can also enable Support Bundle Anonymization, but we recommend to upgrade to at least version 2.53 of the Support Core plugin, due to a Known Performance issue with Support Bundle Anonymization.

You can find the Support link on the left hand side of your Jenkins UI. From this, click the Generate Bundle to download the bundle to your machine. A bundle is a simple .zip file containing mostly plain text files. You can inspect the contents of this file to assure yourself that it does not contain information you do not want to share with CloudBees. You can even unpack and repack the bundle if there is some specific piece of information that you need to remove from the bundle.

When you are happy with the bundle, just attach the bundle to your CloudBees support ticket.

Take a bundle

If your server isn’t starting please refer to our article: How to get a support bundle when Jenkins will not start

Best Practices

In order to provide you a better support service, please consider the following points:

  1. Review steps described in Prepare Jenkins for Support.
  2. “About Jenkins” is mandatory.
  3. The closer the Bundle generation is to the issue, the better for us to diagnose it.
  4. In case you are sending us a series of Bundles, please attach them separately (by default .zip format). Do not compress them into a unique package.
  5. In case your Bundle has big size, you could “recompress” a zip with xz (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Xz)
  6. In case you are experiencing an issue regarding a Operations Center - Client Master connectivity problem, send Bundles for each of the instances.
  7. To avoid noise on logs, indicate on the ticket the date and time when the particular issue happened/arose.
  8. In case you can reproduce the issue by yourself, indicate the followed steps before generating the support bundle.


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