CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise Version Numbers

Internal Jenkins Version Number

CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise (CJE) and Jenkins Open Source use an internal version number for technical reference to the release; the technical version number follows the syntax below:

  • 2 parts (eg: 1.580): weekly release 
  • 3 parts (eg: 1.580.13): LTS -or- CloudBees maintenance release of no longer community-supported LTS 
    • CloudBees starts counting its releases starting from 10 in order to let the community to release new fixes if it decides to do it
    • As example, 1.580.10 was the first release after 1.580.3
  • 4 parts (eg: 1.580.13.1): CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise packaged distribution against one of the 3 part LTS releases

Simplified CJE Version Number

To simplify distribution and communication of CJE, we use the convention of naming versions of Jenkins Enterprise after the month and the year that they are released. Consequently, the first version of CJE is versioned 11.11 (Nov, 2011).

Additional Detail

For additional detail, CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise can be installed by one of two methods:

  1. By installing the CloudBees-packaged jenkins.war distribution (a 4 part internal version number)
  2. By installing the CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise Plugin into a jenkins.war distribution (a 2 or 3 part internal version number)

This article doesn't cover the merits of each of these approaches, but rather explains the version numbers of each type of release of both Jenkins Open Source and CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise (both of which are named jenkins.war).

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