Upgrading to 1.580.2.1 throws NoClassDefFoundError: Lorg.eclipse.jgit.http.server.GitServlet


  • Upgrading to 1.580.2.1 does not start.
  • Caused by: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: Lorg/eclipse/jgit/http/server/GitServlet;


  • CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise - 1.580.2.1


As of 1.580.x.y, CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise is packaged with the Workflow Plugin (Pipeline Plugin). The Workflow Plugin (Pipeline Plugin) has a dependency on the following plugins:

  • git-client-plugin
  • git-plugin

Please make sure that these plugins are enabled by going to $JENKINS_HOME/plugins and making sure the *.hpi.disabled have been removed for the plugins listed above.

If they are not there, you can get them from the link below:

If the plugins are installed and enabled, then delete the git plugins folder:

  • $JENKINS_HOME/plugins/git/*
  • $JENKINS_HOME/plugins/git-client/*

As the plugins could contain corrupt data from extracting the files.

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