How to add a user to a CloudBees account?


  • How do I add a user to my account
  • How do I add users to my organization
  • I don’t see a list of account users when logged in


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You can have multiple users on one account (of course never share login details with anyone!). To add users you must be an Admin. If you’re a User you should contact an Admin on the account to promote you or modify the account as needed.

How to add a user to a CloudBees account

1. Go to

2. Click on the Users icon on the left:

How to click on the Users icon

3. Click on the Add button

How to click on the add button

4. Enter user details

For a new user, you will need to fill in all the fields. If the email already exists in the system, you only need to enter the user’s role in your account.

How to enter the user details

The admin role allows a user to add and remove other users from the account.

5. Then click the Add User button. The newly added user will then be able to login to the CloudBees system using the email address and password you have provided.

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