CloudBees Jenkins Platform Supported Java Versions

Supported JDK/JREs

CloudBees only supports JDK/JRE provided by either Oracle or OpenJDK.

  • Oracle JRE / JDK 8 - 64 bits
  • OpenJDK JDK / JRE 8 - 64 bits

In order to fix a problem that appears in Jenkins or a plugin, in some cases we may occasionally require you to move forward to a specific update release (i.e., _uXX) of a current JDK/JRE version.

For details on supported platform, please see Supported Operating Systems for CloudBees Jenkins Platform.

Recommended installations

One of the following binaries are recommended because they ship with monitoring and debugging tools in the case they are needed.

As of May 2019, JDK 1.8.0_202 and above is recommended. There have been a number of improvements to Java Performance and Stability, specifically around the G1 Garbage Collector, which is recommended per our Best Practices. Detailed release notes can be found via Oracle Release Notes

Known Issues

JDK-8164293 - JDK/JRE 1.8.0_101 - HotSpot leaking memory in long-running requests which impact on the performance of your Jenkins instance.

CloudBees Jenkins Platform Minimum Requirements

The CloudBees Jenkins Platform may run on older non-supported JDKs; which you are able to do at you own risk.

  • CJE 15.11 / CJOC 1.8 (Jenkins 1.625) : JDK/JRE 7
  • CJE 15.05 / CJOC 1.7 (Jenkins 1.609) : JDK/JRE 7

If you have a problem on an older non-supported JDK/JRE that can be reproduced on a currently supported JDK/JRE, we will treat it as a regular support issue.

CloudBees JDK/JRE Policy

CloudBees supports the CloudBees Jenkins Platform on current versions of the JDK/JRE available from Oracle as well as the corresponding JDK/JRE from OpenJDK.

Oracle offers extended JDK/JRE support, including patches, for older JDK/JRE versions, but we cannot directly support CloudBees Jenkins Platform on these JDK/JRE versions.

We understand that due to a variety of factors organizations may not be able to keep up with current JDK/JRE releases.
Where you cannot run a supported JDK/JRE, CloudBees will work with you, in good faith, to resolve your problems.
In cases where the problems cannot be reproduced on a supported JDK/JRE, our ability to debug and deliver fixes may be restricted and may require additional resources from you.

Please refer to Oracle’s Java End of Life Policy for details on upcoming end of life dates for JDK/JRE releases and to the Java Downloads page for the current releases.

CloudBees Jenkins Platform Plugin Compatibility

CloudBees endeavors to build our plugins against the JDK that corresponds to the minimum Java requirements of the oldest supported CloudBees Jenkins Platform.
CloudBees tests our platform and plugins against the supported JDKs.

A subset of CloudBees plugins may have a technical dependency that requires a more recent version of Java, in this case this will be highlighted in the documentation for the particular plugin.

Some third party plugins may have different requirements which are outside of CloudBees control.
Where a third party plugin is bundled within the CloudBees Jenkins Platform, we endeavor to ensure that the plugins’ Java requirements are compatible with our supported Java versions.

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