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How to create an agent in Linux from console


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  • mark.kenneally Kenneally

    Using -jnlpCredentials userJenkinsMaster:passwordJenkinsMaster means that the Jenkins master password is available to any user who can run a job with the line "ps -aef" on the agent.

    We have used this format:

    curl -O -u userJenkinsMaster:passwordJenkinsMaster http://YourJenkinsMaster:8080/computer/NameOfYourSlave/slave-agent.jnlp
    export JENKINS_SECRET=$(grep -E -o "[a-z0-9]{64}" slave-agent.jnlp)
    nohup java -jar /opt/jenkins/slave.jar -jnlpUrl http://YourJenkinsMaster:8080/computer/NameOfYourSlave/slave-agent.jnlp -secret $JENKINS_SECRET &

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