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How to do a multiselect input in a pipeline



  • Puneeth Nanjundaswamy

    This is not useable with blue ocean interface

  • Adrian Blakey

    Is there any support for multi-select in a declarative pipeline?

  • Tim Black

    Is there any support for multi-select in a declarative pipeline?

    UPDATE: yes, apparently there is. Through viewing pipeline error codes, browsing stack overflow and eventually, the plugin source code, I see that after installing the plugin, extendedChoice is another valid type you can use in your declarative "parameters {" section, as in:


    extendedChoice(name: "favorite_letters",
    type: "PT_CHECKBOX",
    multiSelectDelimiter: " ", // this only defines delimiter used in the output string value, not used for parsing value input, which must be comma-separated!
    value: """a, b, c, d, e, f""",
    defaultValue: "d, f",
    description: "Select your favorite letter(s)"

    There is woefully little documentation, however, on how all the various "type"s of extendedChoice parameters actually work. The best docs I could find was by looking at my pipeline job configuration through the web interface, which of course shows UI for all the possible types:

    ..and their subparams:

    So far, the JSON types look most interesting and extensible. I hope I can figure out how those work without spending the rest of the day sleuthing..

  • Diego Vitorino

    Hi, great example, I’m using in my scenario

    Is there the possibility to limit number of choices? I have more than 10 values and I would like to limit only 3 selections options , in case of more than 3 show the echo “”Number of choices exceded”

    Thank you so much

  • this is nice, but doesn't have enough examples. 
    For example, how it is possible to put script in that ExtendedChoicePlugin? 

    what each field means in ExtendedChoiceParameterDefinition? 

    small update:
    plugin is quite old and non-secure. So in some envs it won't be possible to use it.


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