How can a Jenkins Master administer its own users


  • Jenkins Master manage its own users


  • CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise (CJE)
  • CloudBees Jenkins Operation Center (CJOC)


An administrator for the JOC would need to configure the Master to allow it to opt-out of the security settings. By doing so, the Master will lose Single-Sign On capabilities with the JOC and have separate credentials to log on to other Masters.

  • Manage Jenkins -> Configure Global Security or http://$JOC_ADDRESS:$JOC_PORT>/configureSecurity/
    • Select the checkbox “Allow client masters to opt-out” under Client master security

Allow client masters to opt-out

  • Configure the Master http://$JOC_ADDRESS:$JOC_PORT/job/$MASTER_NAME/configure
    • Select the checkbox “Opt-out” under Security Setting Enforcement


  • On the Master, go to Manage Jenkins -> Configure Global Security or http://$JE_ADDRESS:$JE_PORT/configureSecurity/
    • Select the button for “Jenkin’s own user database” under Security Realm

Configure users

  • It is optional to have “Allow users to sign up” checked. If this is unchecked, the admin for the Master will need to create the users manually.
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