IO Troubleshooting on Linux


  • I have found evidences of IO issues in a Linux File System where Jenkins Home is hosted.


Pre-condition: You get the output from as explained in Required Data: IO.

The aim of this guide is providing minimum values for representative file sizes (and times) to consider a File System as healthy.

Write test

File SizeTimesMin Healthy Values
1K100001 M/s
10K10005 M/s
100K1000100 M/s
10M100100 M/s
50M10100 M/s
100M10100 M/s

Write/Read test

Minimum values for Write/Read are approximately the half of the listed ones in the Write test table. Please note that server throughput and latency time depends upon instance’s load as well. Ideally to get acquainted with your system, we recommend that you run execute after rebooting the instance as well as at peak load to get an idea about how the load is impacting its throughput.

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