Why our UC does not work with a HTTPS Client Master?


  • We have a Update Center configured on a CJOC (http) and it does not work with a Client Master (https)
  • when we click on the check now button in Manage Plugins in a Client Master to get the new plugins form a Update Center on a CJOC, never show the message done.


  • CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise - Managed Master (CJEMM)
  • CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise- Operations Center (CJEOC)
  • CloudBees Jenkins Platform - Client Master (CJPCM)
  • CloudBees Jenkins Platform - Operations Center (CJPOC)
  • Operations Center Update Center Plugin


When you click on the check now button in Manage Plugins in a Client Master you are redirected to another page that shows you the process to update the plugins. This page makes a REST call from the UI that fails because the browser detects the loading of an unsafe script. On the navigation bar you can see a badge that informs you that there was an attempt to load this unsafe script. After you allow this script to be loaded you can see new plugins on the Client Master.

The cause of this issue is that the client master is using HTTPS while the Operations Center server (CJOC) is configured to use HTTP. The work around is to click on the badge in the navigation bar and allow the loading of the script from CJOC. The recommended fix is to configure CJOC to use HTTPS to prevent this problem and also ensure the security of your CJOC environment.

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