How to migrate credentials to a new Jenkins instance


  • I have a new instance of Jenkins and want to migrate credentials from an old instance.


  • CouldBees CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise (CJE)
  • CloudBees Operations Center (CJOC)
  • Jenkins
  • Credentials Plugin


1. Stop new and old Jenkins instances.

2. (optional) Delete file identity.key.enc from $NEW_JENKINS_HOME/identity.key.enc. In case you don’t delete it manually, it will be done automatically after the next restart

SEVERE: identity.key.enc is corrupted. Identity.key.enc will be deleted and a new one will be generated
javax.crypto.BadPaddingException: Given final block not properly padded

For migrating Global scope credentials:

3. Copy secret files and folder from $OLD_JENKINS_HOME/secret* to the new $NEW_JENKINS_HOME root

4. Copy credentials.xml file from $OLD_JENKINS_HOME/credentials.xml to the $NEW_JENKINS_HOME root

On linux:

rm JENKINS_HOME/identity.key.enc 

For migrating Folder and User scope credentials:

5. Copy credentials.xml files from $OLD_JENKINS_HOME/jobs/FOLDER_NAME/credentials.xml to $NEW_JENKINS_HOME/jobs/FOLDER_NAME/. This should be done in each folder you would like to migrate and should be adapted to your specific folder paths/structure.

6. Copy credentials.xml files from $OLD_JENKINS_HOME/users/USER_NAME/credentials.xml to $NEW_JENKINS_HOME/users/USER_NAME/. This should be done in each of the users you would like to migrate.

7. Finally, restart the instances and the identity.key.enc should be regenerated on the new instance.

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    Aurelio Soria

    This worked for me without deleting secret and the identity files. But, my old jenkins is v. 1.599 to latest CJE. I just stop jenkins secure copy over credentials.xml and start jenkins. All good.

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