Setting up a Docker private registry for the images of Operation Center and Managed Master


  • I would like to configure CJE to pull cje-oc and cje-mm images from a private registry. Thus, for example, docker pull cloudbees/cje-mm: it actually pulls my-docker-mirror-host/cloudbees/cje-mm:


  • CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise (CJE)


Key idea: Setting up a Registry Mirror to the private registry.

At the moment of writing this article ( CJE CLI 1.9.0) the procedure needs your cluster is up and running and then:

1) Edit .dna/project.config

Add the following to docker_options tags for [controller] as well as [worker] sections.

docker_options = --log-driver=syslog --registry-mirror=http://<my-docker-mirror-host>

2) Execute cje prepare worker-restart

Then, go to config and add each of the worker names (separated by comma).


## The name of the servers to restart
names = worker-1,worker-2,...,worker-N

3) cje apply

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