Prevent Email Trigger Using Groovy Script


You need to prevent emails from being sent based on specific output in a build’s console output.


CloudBees Jenkins Enterprise



  • Click Advanced Settings in the Editable Email Notification section in a job’s configuration

  • Remove the Failue - Any Trigger

  • Add a new Script - After Build Trigger

    • Add a groovy script that will only send an email if the build result is failure AND it meets your requirements.
    • The example groovy script below prevents emails when a string parameter is invalid via the
      Validating String Parameter Plugin .

    Example groovy script

    // only send an email if build ends in FAILURE AND the validating string  parameter plugin phrase
    // is not found {{ERROR: Invalid value for parameter [version] specified:}} is NOT found in build 
    // logs
    def invalidParameter
    invalidParameter = build.logFile.text.readLines().any{ it ==~ /.*Invalid value for parameter.*/} 
    invalidParameter == false && build.result.toString().equals('FAILURE')
    Please review the Triggers section on the email-ext plugin wiki page and the email-ext recipes wiki page for more examples.

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    Harish Rai

    In above example How I can use invalidParameter  in mSubject line to show failure .

    I tried to use it $invalidParameter but It is not showing failure message .


    Any idea how to add errors in my subject or Default content from build log ?

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